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      4. Products > Bedroom Furniture > Bespoke Furniture

        We have in the last decade recognised that our customers are increasingly demanding more from the space they may have in their houses. Even more so now as economic instability is forcing many first time buyers to either stay at home or purchase a small dwelling, until prospects improve.

        At Concept Furnishings we have an easy 5 step process that allows you, the customer to design & us to build your furniture at an affordable price.

        Step 1: Initial Consultation (Free no obligation on site survey)
        After your first point of contact we will arrange an onsite visit by our joiner, who will measure & advise you as to the options available. In this initial meeting we will also be interested in your lifestyle & product specific requirements which will eventually shape the furniture.

        Step 2: Selection & Blueprint approval
        In this meeting we show you finishes, handles & review the blueprint. After making any amendments you will be supplied with an itemised costing.

        Step 3: Manufacture
        Every piece of bespoke furniture is manufactured in our large workshop which is part of our showroom. This allows you to monitor progress and also give you the confidence that all costs are kept to a minimum & delivery lead times are strictly adhered.

        Step 4: Delivery and Installation
        Before we deliver and install your furniture, we invite you to view your product and make any last minute alterations if so required. Depending on access to your house, we will deliver the furniture either flat packed or part assembled.

        Step 5: Final Inspection
        Once the fitting team have completed installation, a supervisor will visit the customer & check that everything is perfect.

        At Concept Furnishings we are proud of delivering a 慓old Standard Service?& are delighted with the results as our 慸esign & build?scheme now accounts for more than 30% of our business. Our customers are recommending us to family & friends who live all over the United Kingdom. So, without further delay, give us a call to arrange a FREE NO OBLIGATION site visit & benefit like hundreds before you.

        Terms and Conditions


        All orders above £99 are delivered free of charge in Halifax. Deliveries outside Halifax will incur a charge depending on our external haulage costs. Please ring for further information.

        We also offer weekend deliveries for those customers are unable to accept a delivery during the week. This service carries no surcharge unless an external carrier is instructed to deliver outside Halifax.

        In all cases our transport manager will contact you to book in an approximate time & date. Our delivery service is to your doorstep unless you specifically inform us that the furniture requires further assistance. In that case we will send two people. Please note any damage to your property whilst carrying the goods is your responsibility.

        We do not dispose of any packaging & request that the path way to your doorstep is reasonably clear of any hindrance.

        We also request that you must at the point of ordering, clear with the salesperson whether the goods are to be delivered flat pack or fully assembled. There may be a small charge for partial or full assembly. On site assembly is also available but will be charged according to the size & time taken to fully build the piece.

        On completion of all deliveries you must sign & date the despatch note which only confirms that the delivery was done. For any further information please contact transport on 01422 351096.